Tying Loose Ends Together

(Photos credits: Photo 1 Photo 2); Mainz, Germany (my goal).

This is not a complete travel blog, not yet. It is a love story, an ultimate goal, and my way to reaching a life I’ve always dreamed of. As of right now, I am currently enrolled at my first year of college in the U.S. for a major in journalism. I have always wanted to study abroad, and I have recently come across the fact that tuition in Germany is free. Although I am here at home on a scholarship, I often see professors taking students for various study abroad trips over the summer, with costs ranging between $3,000 – $5,000. My scholarship right now covers a total of four years of in-state tuition, which amounts to approximately $37,000. That’s a lot of debt that can be avoided…however, concerning a comparison of values, if I were to presumably study abroad for a total of 8 semesters (4 years), let’s factor in the cost of what it usually takes just for one summer (around two to three months). $4,000 every couple of months would amount to a total of $20,000 per year, or $80,000 for four years. Of course this is if tuition was being charged, in which case it wouldn’t be for the country I want to reach.

I have my life set up here, I have a car, my classes are coming along well enough, but I can’t shake the feeling that finishing my education in Germany is an experience I shouldn’t pass up. For multiple reasons I’m wanting to work there someday, and I feel like a degree from there would ease my transition into the job market. The love of my life lives here, and I want to be able to stay someday and begin my life with him. The university which I am enrolled at is one of the top in the U.S. for its journalism program; however, it won’t be much help if I’m having to fight other graduates from Germany to find stable work there. Also, the classes at the college I want to attend are in English, and it still has the degree I need. The fact is, an education from there is far more internationally recognized, because learning standards are higher. Local agencies and networks are more likely to hire graduates of their home country. For this reason, I’m gathering information so that I can try to study abroad and work in a place I truly want to live. Only a small amount of people in my life know my plan, and so far the support is back and forth. But this is my life, and I’ve created this blog to write about just that…

For the next few months I’ll be exploring ways to reach my dream of studying and living abroad. As of right now, the major details are figured out, such as being able to get accepted to the university there, what my living situation would be like, how I would pay for bills and extra costs (a basic job, financial aid), and I would also have support from connections over there. Right now my boyfriend, his family, and one of my mom’s friends live in the city I want to move to. In a sense I am trading a scholarship I already have for a continually free education. I am wanting to trade my car for a bike, my language for another, and my college town for…well, another college town, but one that is far more beautiful. Not only that, the town that I live in is not one I want to stay in. And since my overall goal down the road is not to work in America, my assumed level of insanity associated with this plan falls a small percentage.

As of today, I still have to arrange getting a passport, find a way to contact my university about possibly transferring credits, find out if the other university will accept them, and tie some other loose ends together. I just hope I can tie a knot, because I don’t want this plan to unravel anytime soon.




  1. auroraborealys · January 31, 2016

    I love your first blog entry, I love the idea, I love your determination, I love your passion but most of all.. I love you~
    We’re doing this together ♥

    Liked by 1 person

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